Mobile App Design


We have the statistics saying in 2020 the revenue generated by mobile app is nearly 200 billion. This industry is exponentially expanding with the latest technology with day to day improvisations and enhancements. Mobile app design is the task which involves the design of the application. Mobile app must be designed with the intention to satisfy a huge community, where we have range of customers who differ in age, business, location etc.

Study on requirements:

Once you get an opportunity of app designing or building a mobile application, do not start the mock up design with the little information you got, the more you do the home work the less time you spend later. Please think as your customer and do a research on the target customers who are going to use the application. You can very well look in to similar mobile application and write down the features you like, this will give sufficient info in quick time what you can build for your customer.


cubosale mobile application



You have to limit the features in other words you have to be precise in adding features to your mobile application. The customers downloading your mobile application at the first look should not feel they are loaded with lot of information or feature set which will make them lose focus and quit the application. Please be thoughtful in limiting the features and prioritize them.


Good App:

A good app is one which satisfies the user at first look making him easy to navigate and drives itself to convey all the features. There are 2.8 million apps available for download on the Google Play Store. 21% of Millennial open an app 50+ times per day. 49% of people open an app 11+ times each day. 57% of all digital media usage comes from mobile apps. A good app doesn’t need to be with loads of information but it should direct user and allow him to fetch the information he is looking for.


cubosale mobile app



The user should feel free to navigate throughout the application. It should be self-driven. This should be the top priority in designing the application. The navigation should be in a clear and logical way. It should not take the focus away from the user. The user must know where he is in the mobile app try to use benchmarks. The navigation must be consistent in all pages do not have a separate page for navigation.


cubosale mobile application


Text and Buttons:

Have the text readable. We find several apps are good in navigation but when coming to readability it is performing poor. The buttons displayed in the app should be clickable comfortably. We have recommendation of having buttons from 7 mm to 10mm..


Reducing Clutter:

First you need to keep in mind a mobile is not a desktop or pc so you should avoid unnecessary information, images, buttons, menu’s etc. You need to present content to a minimum , compact level. Do not have a huge interface with multiple menus and give a nightmare to the user. Please use a simple interface with compact information so that the user feels easy to navigate.


Reuse data:

You need to minimize the user effort that’s the primary intention which you need to have it in mind while designing the mobile application. If you do so the user will think of spending more time in your mobile application. For eg if you are asking the mobile number and name of the user then use it (auto fill it) where ever necessary.



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