Social Media Marketing


What is social media marketing? This is an ever-growing business that people have been hearing. Social media marketing is just marketing your business on social media so there’s YouTube ads, Facebook ads, Instagram story ads they can run so all it is promoting a product or service on social media.

For example, you are in 2002 and you are going to release a book and set up a blog, you’re sure that you're going t be successful, but you don’t know how to ensure to reach the targeted audience who could enjoy your book, during that period, however, there were only a few forms of advertisement available and are very expensive, and their effectiveness couldn’t be accurately determined, and the book won't deserve the appropriate audience. Now in the present day, you can get alongside traditional forms of advertisement, you can access to digital marketing a form of marketing that's a lot more lucrative, inexpensive and configurable marketing that would enable marketers to advertise their audience digitally, using channels like search engines, websites, social media platforms, emails, etc.,

Among these types, social media marketing caught fields on it. Social media marketing will give the opportunity to take advantage of the social media platform to advertise your contents to a highly targeted audience, after that the people will learn about your book and increase your interaction with your audience, and relatively it’s inexpensive, and it will get market places insights that might help you understand his audience preferences better, he started by taking up certification to learn about social media marketing, since you are already familiar with the concept of social media marketing, the next step was to learn about the types of content that you could post on social media, some of the most common forms of content on social media that you could post would be images, videos, polls and posts but over time you notice that not a lot of people were being exposed to your content so you needed to advertise your content for that you need to use the advertising options providing by the social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and twitter most advertising platforms offer users with the number of advertising options like,

These ads involve the use of single or multiple images that are attractive and have the optimal amount of text, they also have a call to action that encourages the users interaction, you could use images from book, advertise websites that sell his book and more.

These ads could advertise posts of excerpts from you blog or your book further garnering interest from an interesting audience.

You could also use video ads that feature favourable reviews and customer testimonial to advertise your books.

Through lead ads you could collect information from users who are interested in a weekly newsletters or regular updates from his blogs.
But that wasn’t the only thing that you can do with the social media platform, you create a brand for yourself and drive audience interest to it, engage with them create an identity, engage content, finding content works for you. Social media marketing will
give the opportunity to target audiences that are based on demographics like age, location, gender and much more and in time you can see the increase in the number of viewers coming to your social media page and by extension of your blog and you can also see the increase in several people who bought your book greatly increasing in your audience.

• Customers are easily available for social media marketing.
• An easy method to advertise your products.
• Social media marketing can easily increase website traffic.
• Social media marketing can easily satisfy the customers need.
• Social media marketing can be achieved through SEO marketing.
• By using social media marketing higher rate conversation can be achieved.
• Opportunity for sales of products is available on social media marketing.
• It saves money of infrastructure for marketing
• Social media marketing helps in reaching a large number of audience.
• Social media marketing can help in building brand authenticity through the social business page.
• It helps in creating a direct connection with your audience


Start where you are:
It’s important to understand the current activity occurring on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and othe social media profiles. You need to conduct a social media audit a really important way to see what is bad what isn’t working when it comes to social media. You need to review and analyse your current online, checking out whether it’s consistent across the channel. You need to, check out your competitors the big one and the new ones. You need to review your SEO results, and when got all the info you need to think about it all.

Your objectives need to be driven by your organisation priorities. So start at the top with what your organization is all about. Then, find out what the overall marketing plan is. Next comes the social media strategy and finally the-content strategy, once you've got all that, you've got
ready to set some objectives, you need both qualitative and quantitative ones, they need to be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-framed.

Knowing your audience and their demographics, ininterests, motivations and preferred channels are crucial. Check out any existing data you have, maybe even talking to your existing customers and do your market and online research. When you got all the data to turn it into some personas. Not just wooden descriptions from the demographics, but create some real people and tell their stories to capture them what gets them up in the morning their interests and how they think.

Don't just jump onto every channel, because everyone else is there. Choosing the right channels and right number of channels to use will be more effective and efficient social media marketing. Think about what will suit your organization purpose and who your audience is. Think about what channel is it for and why people use it, think about what sort of content will suit your organization and what you are going to create and of course think about the how much it’s going to cost.

Good content is not enough, to cut through the noise and sheer volume of the content you need to be great. You need to understand the content categories of creation, curation and the co-creation and the content formats. Your content will entertain them , educate them or inspire them. Whatever type It is it must add value to them.

It’s called social media for a reason, how you interact with your audience can make difference to their engagement levels. Work out who you might able to work with, other brands may be influencers and remember to get in there and talk with the people who are looking at and commenting on your content. Being social will get you much better reach and build your audiences. Social media gives deep impact to the business world today from small companies to big giant companies. Social media landscape is big and the system and technology continuously growing and changing everyday. Companies who using and presented in social media enjoying big benefits. Some companies received negative impact. Social media not longer an option but is a must especially companies that dealing straightly with customers. Social media promising a lot of opportunities and challenges, so organization must prepare themselves to facing this.



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