What is Cubo LMS

Cubo LMS (Learning Management Software) is a simple, robust and user-friendly communication tool for any educational institution. It provides an interactive learning atmosphere between Student, Parent and Teacher. Parents love Cubo LMS which provides their student activities transparent to them.


It has many features such as individual portal for Students, posting assignment and homework to Students, provision of Grades, Chat application, view Student performance, prepare report card, conduct online test, automated evaluation, online library etc..,


cubosale_learning management software

Student Portal

Students in their individual portal can access

  • Activites

  • Homework

  • Assignment

  • Grades

Each Student is given a separate web page which has complete information about them.


cubosale_learning management software_teachers

Access for Teachers


  • Individual page for every Teacher.
  • School notices can be viewed by all Staff.
  • Staff can upload homework related docs, pdf, videos.
  • Staff can be assigned to a class or group of students.
  • Staff can interact with students and parents.

Automated Online Evaluation and Resources

  • Online assessment can be scheduled.
  • Questions are automatically selected by the software.
  • Evaluation is automated.
  • Results are notified to Student, Teacher and Parent.
  • Content can be added to resources by teachers which acts as online library for students.

cubosale_learning management software_online test

cubosale_learning management software_tasks

Task Scheduling with expiry

  • Future tasks can be pre-set.
  • By scheduling future tasks, teachers are given the flexibility to work from anywhere.
  • Task will appear for Students only at the scheduled date/time.
  • Expiry date can be set for task so they disappear from student portal upon date of expiry.

Assessment Made Easy

  • Cubo LMS has a brilliant yet simple Assessment system which requires no special skills.

  • Assesment are easily populated.

  • Grades can be given to Students.

  • Report card generation is automated.

cubosale_learning management software_assesments


Automated Notifications

  • Alerts can be set for a scheduled time.
  • SMS, Email alerts are auto generated by the software.
  • Parents receive automated alerts for their students.
  • Overall performance will be notified to Parent, Teacher and Student by the software.


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